Yelena Pelletier 860.856.2066


Professional Qualifications

  • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
  • Associate of the Society of Actuaries


Yelena consults with clients on a wide range of projects, including actuarial valuations and benefit calculations, ASC 715 (FAS 87) expense/disclosure calculations, plan design and annual reporting. She works with both corporate and municipal clients. Her work includes a wide variety of cases (Qualified, Non-Qualified Plans as well as Post-Retirement Welfare Plans). Yelena plays a major role in providing clients with guidance on complex pension issues.

Yelena joined Hooker & Holcombe, Inc. in 2006, and has a total of nine years of experience in the pension actuarial area.

Yelena is an Associate in the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.


Yelena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Bowdoin College.