Sharad Arora 860.856.2104

Actuarial Specialist


Sharad Arora is an actuarial specialist who has been performing postretirement health and welfare valuations for over 16 years. His knowledge in the OPEB arena includes both FASB & GASB requirements. Sharad has consulted on over 140 retiree welfare plans for clients in all industries, with specialization in higher education and municipalities.

As an actuarial specialist, Sharad has developed an in-depth knowledge of various retiree plan designs as well as assisting clients in start-up plans or first time accounting recognition. His experience also includes claims cost analysis, actuarial assumptions and accounting treatments such as curtailments and dispositions. Sharad has worked with multiple clients in the area of modeling and forecasting; as well as performing non-standard actuarial projects including imputed income calculations, cash flow projections, and plan comparison studies.

During the past three years, Sharad was a speaker at three conferences: IMN National OPEB Conference in Washington, D.C., NYS GFOA OPEB Conference in Albany, and NYSAC OPEB Conference in Albany. Topics presented included case studies of GASB projects, Valuation ABC’s, and OPEB Actuarial Calculations.


Sharad received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Hartford in 1987.